Projects 2018

Mason-Griffith Founders Chapter of Trout Unlimited
2018 Schedule of Chapter Sponsored and Assisted
Volunteer Projects and Surveys

Project                                                                            Sponsor                  Date

Debris Relocation to Aid River Navigation                                    MGFTU                        TBD

Au Sable Angler Creel Census                                                        MDNR                          Apr-Oct

Au Sable Headwaters MiCorp Insect Surveys                                MGFTU                        May 9 (Wed)

W. Br Big Creek Lovells MiCorp Insect Surveys                           MGFTU                        May 10 (Thur)

Williams Tract Cedar Planting                                                        MGFTU                        May 12 (Sat)

W. Br Big Creek Beaver Dam Removals                                        MGFTU                        May 23 (Wed)

Upper Au Sable Temp Logger Deployment                                    MGFTU/AOTA            June 1 

W. Br. Big Creek Temp Logger Deployment                                  MGFTU                        June 1

Upper Manistee MiCorp Insect Surveys                                         UMRA                          June 2 (Sat)

Au Sable Headwaters Trout Population Survey                              MGFTU                       June 15 (Fri)             

                                                                                                                                              June 16 (Sat)

Au Sable Access Maintenance Project                                            MGFTU                       TBD

Au Sable Headwaters Fish Structure Construction                         MGFTU                        July 18 (Wed)

Purple Loosestrife Removal Day                                                ASRWC/ARPOA              July 30 (Mon)

Purple Loosestrife Removal Day                                                ASRWC/ARPOA              August 4 (Sat)

Au Sable River Clean-up                                                                 AOTA                           Sept 8 (Sat)

Au Sable MiCorp Insect Survey                                                      GNP                              Sept 8 (Sat)

Manistee River Clean-up/work day                                                 UMRA                          TBD

Au Sable River Redd Surveys                                                          MGFTU                        Nov 1-10

W. Br. Big Creek Redd Surveys                                                       MGFTU                        Nov 1-10

Project Sponsors

MGFTU – Mason-Griffith Founders TU                          UMRA – Upper Manistee River Association

ASRWC – Au Sable River Watershed Committee            GNA – Gahagan Nature Preserve

ASRPOA – Au Sable River Property Owners Assoc        AOTA – Anglers of the Au Sable

To be included in the MGFTU volunteer contact list for stream projects or receive information on how to sign up for other river projects email    You will receive a monthly update listing all of the volunteer projects of the organizations listed above.

Some projects may need to be rescheduled due to weather or other unforeseen issues so please sign up even if your not totally sure if you can make it so that you will receive notice of rescheduling.

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