Chapter Surveys and Projects
The Mason-Griffith Founders Chapter conducts numerous projects and surveys on the upper Au Sable and Manistee Rivers. Much of this effort is focused on the reach of the Au Sable upstream of Grayling.  Recently the Grayling Mill Pond Dam and Salling Dam, just upstream of Grayling, were removed which allowed for fish passage into the Au Sable's headwaters.  The Chapter's Au Sable Headwaters Initiative focuses on improving trout habitat on this reach of the Au Sable River.  Ongoing chapter surveys include insect population, stream temperature monitoring, redd surveys and fish population surveys.  In past years surveys have also conducted on river mapping, stream-bank erosion, road stream crossings, invasive species and beaver dams. Recent Chapter stream improvement projects have included stream-bank erosion control, lunker structure, cedar plantings, and river access improvement.  

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Pictures below are from an erosion problem at the Fredric Mill Site between CR 612 and May Lake Rd.
On July 25, 2012, around 80 pilings were removed returning the stream to it's natural channel.
Chapter volunteers raked fill, planted grass, and installed vehicle barriers.

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