Past Project Updates

April 2012
 Chapter volunteers have already completed several projects this spring.  The work season started off on April 13th and 14th when twelve volunteers headed for Deward to plant white cedar trees.  This planting was the Chapter’s fourth in as many years.  Previous plantings have been on the remnants of the Grayling Mill Pond and last year we were in Deward. 

A few days later eight of us went up to Kolka Creek and pulled two large beaver dams and several smaller ones on the creeks lower end.  We’ll return to Kolka later in May for some mop up activities when we’re in the area pulling the big dam on lower Bradford.

On April 25 we headed for the upper Au Sable again to gather insects which we sorted and scored the following day.  The insects are being used by Mdeq to monitor water quality and our survey work will become a part of the state data base.  At the County Road 612 bridge we collected over 350 aquatic macro-invertebrates, an astounding number for the small stream.  With a water quality score of 67, it continues to rank up there with the best of the best.  The chapter’s lower Williams Tract/Pollack Bridge station still struggles, remaining only in the good range as it has the past several years.  The station is located on the lower end of the Williams Tract where we’ve been conducting numerous surveys over the past several years and where a large scale multi year Chapter restoration project is slated to begin later this summer. I can guarantee a large increase in bugs and trout on the reach when the project is completed.

On May 3rd in a heavy downpour, nine temperature loggers were placed by the Chapter in the upper Au Sable.  Seven more will be placed in the upper South Branch in the major feeder creeks. 

May will continue to be busy with structure mapping in the Williams Tract, a general survey upstream of Deward on the Manistee, and instream structure survey on the Au Sable and on June 2nd more insect surveys on both the Manistee and Au Sable Rivers.

MGFTU 2012 Project Volunteers

(hours do not include travel time)

Fly Tying Classes (Jan/Feb/Mar):  Paul Mesack, Terry Warrington, Mark Hendricks, and Bob Andrus (72 hrs)

Midwest Fly Fishing Show:  Mark Hendricks, Boyd Dillon, Paul Mesack, Bruce Patrick, Mark Rais, Gerry Lake, Steve Sendek, and Bob Andrus ( 44 hrs)

Surveying and preparing Road End Permit Applications for CCRC and MDEQ:  Bob Andrus, David Smith and Steve Sendek (48 hrs)

Deward Cedar Planting (4/14): Marie Harrington, Karen Harrison, Boyd Dillon, Shirley Dillon,  Joe Kuipers,  Hazel Kuipers, Kevin Cameron, Mark Rais, Peter Jones,  Redwings, Howard Johnson, and Bob Andrus  (44 hrs)

Kolka Creek Beaver Dam Removal (4/19):  David Smith, Terry Warrington, Kevin Coykendall, Bob Andrus,  Jim Anderson, Steve Sendek, Mark Hendricks, Cris Jones, and Andy Partlo  (28 hrs)

MiCorps Insect Collecting (4/25):  Terry Warrington, Ralph Rucinski, Jim Anderson, Karen Harrison, David Smith, and Bob Andrus (23 hrs)

Insect Identification (4/26):  Terry Warrington, Ralph Rucinski, Jim Anderson, Jim Wilkinson, Irwin Small, Kristin Thomas, and Bob Andrus (27 hrs)

Trout in the Classroom Release (5/1):  Jim Wilkinson, David Smith, Bob Andrus, Terry Warrington, and Steve Sendek (25 hrs)

Upper Au Sable Temperature Logger Placement (5/3):  David Smith, Steve Sendek, and Bob Andrus   (13 hrs)

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