2012 Projects
Chapter Surveys and Inventories

In addition to the Chapter's on going stream monitoring surveys, the Mason Griffith Founders Chapter is planning on several river restoration projects for this summer and fall. Our main project this year will be the river restoration project at the old Frederic mill site shown below. Other projects will include repair of seven road end access sites, adding wood debris to the Au Sable river in the Williams tract, and the removal of beaver dams on Kolka and Bradford Creeks.

If you would like to participate in one of this years Mason Griffith Founders Chapter surveys or projects, please emailrandrus@netscape.com. You will be placed on the Chapter's volunteer list and be notified of dates and times for the various projects. Many of the projects are listed in the table below. This list will be updated when dates and times are determined.

Survey or Project         date time

 1. Kolka/Bradford Beaver Dam Removal April 19
 2. Deward Tract Cedar Planting April 14
 3. Chapter Insect Survey April 25 4 p.m.
 5. Insect Identification April 26 4 p.m.
 6. Upper Manistee General Survey May 9
 7. Au Sable Structure Survey May 16
 8. Gahagan Au Sable Insect Survey June 2
 9. Temperature Monitoring June 1
10. Williams Tract Restoration June 9
11. Au Sable Road End Maintenance June 20
12. Au Sable Road End Maintenance June 23
13. AOA-GVSU Au Sable Telemetry Study June 30
14. Williams Tract LWD July 11
15. Williams Tract LWD July 14
16. Purple Loosestrife Inventory TBA
17. Purple Loosestrife Removal TBA
18. Au Sable Structure Maintenance TBA
19. Frederic Mill Site Restoration August 25
20. MiCorp Insect Survey September 5
21. Insect ID Night September 6
22. Gahagan Au Sable Insect Survey September 8
23. AOA - River Cleanup September 8
24. Upper Au Sable Fish Survey September 11-12 .
25. Monitoring (end) September 12
26. Manistee MiCorp Survey October 6
27. Chapter Trout Redd Survey November 10
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