2011 Chapter Project Summary
In 2011 twenty-eight Chapter members volunteered 708 hours on six different Chapter sponsored surveys and stream monitoring efforts and assisted other organizations  on three other surveys.  An additional 404 hours were logged on five Chapter restoration projects and members assisted other groups on two additional restoration projects.

The 2011 Chapter surveys and restoration projects included:

1.  Fish Population surveys on two reaches of the Au Sable
2.  Stream temperature monitoring of eleven site on Au Sable
3.  Spring and fall insect surveys
4.  Fall trout redd survey
5.  River mapping of 1.5 miles of upper Au Sable
6.  Cedar planting in Deward Tract of Manistee and on Grayling Mill Pond
7.  Repair of in-stream structures on four miles of the Au Sable
8.  Construction of trout spawning riffle in Au Sable's Williams Tract
9.  Beaver Dam removal on Au Sable's East Branch
10. Removal of outdated Mdnr Quality fishing signage on Au Sable

Chapter members assisted in other surveys and projects that included:

1. Gahagan spring and fall MiCorp insect survey
2. Au Sable Watershed Council purple loosestrife survey
3. Davis Landing Site Restoration downstream of Mio
4. Huron Pines Au Sable River Road Stream Crossing Survey

Chapter members participating in these surveys and restoration projects were Terry Warrington, Joe Sprys, Mark Hendricks, Boyd Dillon, Bob Andrus, Charlie Curro, David Smith, Marie Harrington, Jim Anderson, Scott Zimostrad, Hank Melious, Bruce Patrick, Peter Jones, Mark Rais, Andy Partlo, Ralph Rucinski, Tom Buhr, Steve Sendek, Jim Wilkinson, Gene Stagner, Paul Mesack, Nick Sendek and Ian Andrus.  Also assisting in the Chapter's projects were Howard Johnson, Kevin Coykendall, Kristen Thomas, Cicely Brookover, Don Boyd, and Karen Harrison.

A special thanks goes to Lisa Tobin, our Americorp Volunteer, who was instrumental in organizing and leading us in much of this years Chapter effort.  During her six month tenure Lisa also mapped the 1.5 mile reach of river where the Chapter will begin the Williams Tract River Restoration Project this summer.  Lisa also wrote the MDEQ permit application for the 2012 Frederic Mill Site Restoraton project.
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